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Selena Gomez has found herself yet again denying a reconciliation with Justin Bieber.  In her interview with Ryan Seacrest on E! Sunday night, she said it was over - but she's taken away one important lesson. 

Selena gave Seacrest a confident "no" when he asked her point-blank if she and Justin were still a couple.  Rumors that the two could be getting back together were helped along in recent weeks by a photo Bieber himself tweeted of them.  While Selena maintained that they were no longer together, she opened up about the relationship, admitting that it skyrocketed her to levels of fame she'd never imagined. 

As far as moving on goes, Selena says it's hard to "just date" in show business, but did add that two of her celebrity crushes are actors Bradley Cooper and Logan Lerman.  

Selena turns 21st on Monday, and told Seacrest that she plans to celebrate by ordering her first glass of wine with her family at dinner.  Selena added said she doesn't feel the need to shed her Disney image as she moves on in her career, and is still in the process of figuring out how to transition. 

She confirmed that her new album is going to be her last for quite some time, as she wants to dedicate more time to acting.  "Stars Dance" is out on Tuesday. 

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