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  • A new Reddit thread has people sharing their biggest pet peeves
  • Some folks don’t like it when people scrape their teeth with a fork while eating, while others hate it when people don’t close their mouth when eating popcorn in a theater
  • Another person admitted that they hate it when a song fades out and doesn’t end, while another hates it when people use more than one exclamation point

No matter how much of a people person you may think you are, there’s bound to be something that other folks do that drives you crazy. Everyone has that one pet peeve that they just can’t stand, whether it be nails on a chalkboard or people eating food on the train. But while some pet peeves may be pretty commonplace, in a lot of cases there are totally strange things that simply drive a person crazy, and let’s face it, most of us have at least one of those.

Well, a new Reddit thread has people sharing those little nagging things that annoy them to no end, and some of the gripes are truly bizarre.

Folks’ biggest pet peeves include:

  • “When people scrape their teeth with a fork while eating.”
  • “When a song fades out and doesn't just end. I don't get closure for that song and it kills me.”
  • “When I'm texting someone and ask two questions in the same message but only receive an answer for one.”
  • “The sound of Styrofoam scraping against cardboard.”
  • “The scent of food on my hands...I love oranges, garlic and onions but that lingering scent even after washing my hands drives me crazy.”
  • “Inflatable Christmas lawn decorations and the word 'replenish.' I'm getting p*ssed just thinking about them.”
  • “When I use cash at the drive up window and the person gives me the change and bag of food at the same time. I need a couple of seconds to properly put my change away.”
  • “When someone doesn't re-fill the ice cube tray with water after using the last ice cube.”
  • “People in the theaters who don't shut their f**king mouth before they crunch their popcorn. It's simple... open mouth, insert said corn, close lips... then chew.”
  • “I hate hate hate when people have hoodie strings that are uneven. Like, how do you walk out the house like that? Fix that sh*t.”
  • "People drinking out of straws. Very bizarre, granted, but it irritates me no end when people don't pick up their glass, and just sort of hang their head down to drink."
  • “People who overuse exclamation points.” 

Source: The Daily Mail