Raegan has almost out grown her preemie clothes!

Raegan had to go in for nerve wracking eye exam last week. Here's her mom's take on the experience:

Though I know it was important for her to get done it was heartbreaking to watch. Raegan had to get an eye exam because there is a retinal disorder that is only found in premature babies and she had to be checked to be sure she didn't have it. The disorder is called retinopathy of prematurity which basically means that the blood vessels in the eye have developed abnormally, which may result in one of three things: 1. the eyes could not heal themselves, 2. vision issues where glasses will be required and 3. the worst of all cases, blindness. To check for this disorder the doctor had to dilate her eyes by putting some drops in them and then pry and hold each eye open to be able to examine them. Since babies cannot move their eyes where you ask them to the doctor had to give Raegan some numbing drops in her eyes so she could move Raegan's eyes for her, so she could look at the blood vessels and see how developed they were. Thankfully Raegan's eyes are normal, so she is no longer at risk for retinopathy of prematurity, we merely have to go back in a few months to be sure her eyes are continuing to develop properly.