Baby Raegan goes home!

After a miraculous recovery, Raegan was discharged from the hospital late last week. At that time she was 36 weeks, 5 days gestational - 3 weeks 2 days old. She weighed 4 lbs 5 oz.

Raegan's mom reports:

We had a rough patch last weekend. Though Raegan had a feeding tube we were still trying to feed her with a bottle working toward hopefully being able to giving her all feedings by bottle, a task she had to be able to do in order to go home. Every time we went to feed her it seemed as though she was choking and her heart rate would drop sounding the alarms in the N-ICU. Raegan hadn't had a problem eating in the past, she just was tube fed to save energy, but now she seemed to be in pain when she was eating. I sat next to her bed in tears because I felt like I was hurting her when I was trying to feed her.

After speaking it over with the doctors and nurses we determined that Raegan had reflux, she really was in pain when she ate. Premies have a hard time learning how to eat, being able to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time can be difficult, and when you add in reflux eating becomes far more trying. The acid in her belly comes up through her esophagus into the back of her throat and while she is trying to decide if she can swallow whats in her throat or if she needs to spit it out she forgets to breathe causing her heart rate to drop.

Within 48 short hours Raegan was a different baby, she was taking all her feedings by bottle with no problem, and we were offered to stay in a transition room at the hospital. A transition room is a room where Raegan's father and I can spend the night with her and take care of her. She still was under the care of the nurses but we had the freedom to change her and feed her whenever she needed. I was excited to finally get the chance to get up with her at night. As strange as it may sound, I finally felt like her parent and not just a visitor.

Once Raegan showed that she was going to wake up and eat on her own taking in enough volume to grow were told we could finally bring her home. After three long weeks in the hospital we were going home. I was going to be a full time mommy!