From Reagan's Mom:

Raegan went to the doctor for her two month checkup today. She is weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 3oz now I can't believe how much she has grown! She had to get her shots today and she is not doing so well she has been really fussy and her legs are sore where she was given the shots it's heart breaking! But at least she got her vaccines and she should be back to her normal self tomorrow.

Raegans personality is developing more and more everyday. She loves to be read to; her dad and I read to her every night and she is bright eyed the entire time paying close attention to the picture on the pages. Her favorite book right now is "Tickle Bugs" it has the brightest pictures and she is mesmerized each time I read it. Reading to her has become one of my favorite things! She is beginning to "talk" to us cooing at us as we speak to her. I can't wait until she is smiling and giggling along with us as we play with her.

It's hard to believe my baby girl is ten weeks old now. It seems like yesterday the doctors were coming into my hospital room to tell me that they needed to deliver her early. I will never forget the tiniest sound her cry was when I heard her for the first time and how small her little fingers and toes were. I am so very blessed to have a baby doing as well as my Raegan is since she was born so early; I was once again reminded of this as I returned to the neonatal icu to donate Raegan's preemie clothes that she has out grown. It was nice seeing everyone again and being able to thank them for all they did for Raegan, but I am so thankful to have my baby home and not have to visit her in the hospital!