A man who says North Carolina Rep. Tim Moffitt should be ejected from the legislature criticized Moffitt for not being at the legislature. Meanwhile, another man says Moffitt is only helping victims of CTS groundwater pollution because it's an election year.

One man wants to be an elected official. The other one already is... who just got arrested for DUI.

It's been quite a week.


Bothwell under the influence

Progressive Asheville City Councilman Cecil Bothwell ripped into Republican Rep. Tim Moffitt for winning approval of a new state law allowing local residents to sue CTS for contaminating groundwater in their neighborhood.

From WLOS:


 ... citizens group “People Advocating Real Conservancy,” or PARC, claim the amended law will do nothing to help those who have already filed lawsuits, and the bill is just a ploy by one of its sponsors, Buncombe representative Tim Moffitt.

“Suddenly during an election year when he’s behind in the polls he’s decided to make a grand stand,” said Asheville Councilman Cecil Bothwell, who is also a PARC board member.  “Writing a bill that will have action in the past is not legal, so I don’t see how it can help people at Camp Lejeune or the people who are surrounding CTS.”


Mike Mason's report cites experts who disagree.

Recall, just a week ago Bothwell told Moffitt to go to hell.

Moffitt released a response:


 “Mr. Bothwell’s comments are disappointing, but — considering the source — not really surprising. The legislature is confident that these folks will now be able to have their day in court. And I’d like to point out that my colleague, Rep. Rick Glazier (D), a constitutional scholar himself, agrees. I would also like to thank the Democratic Minority Leader Rep. Larry Hall (D) and Rep. Susan Fisher (D) for supporting this measure on every single vote.”"

“Again, all members of the House and Senate — Democrats and Republicans alike — voted for this legislation. So it really serves to illustrate how far out on the fringe Mr. Bothwell is. Absolutely no one from his own party thought this was a bad idea.”

Given the unanimous support for this bill, the only thing I’d suggest is that Mr. Bothwell perhaps submit himself for drug testing.”


Funny he should mention that.

Within a few hours, Councilman Bothwell was arrested for drunk driving.

City Councilman Cecil Bothwell was charged with driving while impaired after he was pulled over by a state trooper on Interstate 240 Thursday night.

Bothwell’s blood-alcohol content was 0.10 percent, according to a citation filed at the Buncombe County Magistrate’s Office. The legal limit for driving in North Carolina is 0.08 percent.

“I made a regrettable choice, and I’ll live with the consequences,” he said Friday morning. “I was in the wrong and I know it.”

N.C. Highway Patrol Trooper S.K. Scharf pulled Bothwell over on I-240 westbound at 10:45 p.m. The vehicle he was driving, a 2009 Toyota station wagon, did not have a license plate, according to the citation.



Mixed messages

Rep. Moffitt also came under fire for going on a camping trip with his son instead of staying in Raleigh and legislating.

Brian Turner, the Democratic challenger, told the Asheville Citizen-Times that Moffitt should not have gone.

Turner said Moffitt should be at work.

"We expect our representatives in Raleigh to be there when it matters most to us, not when it is convenient for them," he said in a statement. "I am calling on Rep. Moffitt to return to work and to finish the short session with his colleagues."

Moffitt said he had coordinated his legislative work with colleagues to make sure legislation would continue to move while he was away. The short session is typically meant for budget adjustments. House and Senate leaders are trying to end the session in July.

This is odd line of attack, given Turner and his fellow Democrats believe Moffitt is doing great damage to the state and to the City of Asheville. Indeed, the point of running against Moffitt is to prevent him from returning to Raleigh. It seems Turner would want Moffitt to vacation more.

Ah... politics.