A couple of new developments in the civil lawsuit against Dr. Greg Brannon - who is a Republican candidate for US Senate in North Carolina.

Apparently, the judge in his case was a Kay Hagan donor.

Christian Hine at Pundit House in Charlotte found this:

[Judge Bryan] Collins is a registered Democrat.

By conducting an FEC search for political campaign contributions, we see that a Bryan Collins in Raleigh who listed his occupation as Public Defender contributed the sum of $500 to the Hagan Senate Committee in 2008.

Brant Clifton at The Daily Haymaker reports a complaint has been filed with the Judicial Standards Commission, based on this report.

If you are interested in hearing details of the story, here is the interview I did with Robert Rice (Brannon's co-defendant who was cleared, despite virtually identical evidence).

Here is the background in a blog post.

And here is Clifton's analysis after the interview.

The day of the verdict, Brannon was on the Glenn Beck show:



And then yesterday, Brannon returned to the Glenn Beck show:



 It's safe to say - Glenn Beck is a fan of Brannon's.