Jerry Rice has posted a video of yesterday's debate among the District 2 and District 3 candidates for Buncombe County Commissioner.

This was at the Council of Independent Business Owners (CIBO). 


The first candidate to speak was Nancy Waldrop - who is registered unaffiliated but has voted in Republican primaries for years. The retired school teacher got enough signatures to get on the November ballot. 

I thought it was interesting that when asked why she's running, she talked about how much her family cares about public service. She mentioned her father and grandfather ran for office, and her brother encouraged her to run for this seat. (At the 8:00 mark)

But she never mentioned her husband's political career. Her husband is David King. Who is the current District 3 Commissioner. Who lost in the GOP primary to Miranda DeBruhl. Now King's wife - Waldrop - is trying beat DeBruhl.

DeBruhl wasted little time pointing out that Waldrop registered as an Unaffiliated after her husband lost to DeBruhl in the primary. (10:30 mark)

Both women touted their experience as small business owners.

District 2 is a rematch of 2012's race between Ellen Frost (D) and Christina Merrill (R).

Merrill called the county budget "bloated" and not focused on the most vulnerable residents - seniors on fixed incomes and young people. (13:20 mark)

Frost said she's proud of the work the County Commission has done, and had to deal with a revaluation of county property that left the county with less revenue. She said 92% of the County budget is federal and state mandates, "There's not a lot of wiggle room." (14:50 mark)

The questions covered teacher pay, the local coal-fired power plant, fracking, manufactured homes in any residential zoned areas, appointing the Register of Deeds rather than having it open for election, working with the state legislature, illegal immigration, and the I-26 connector.

In the final round, the candidates were told to ask each other a question. (44:50 mark)

Frost asked Merrill what budget cuts she'd make to pay for lower taxes. 

Merrill asked if Frost felt remorse for giving herself a raise while raising taxes.

DeBruhl asked Waldrop if it was appropriate to accept "in-kind donations" in the form of Sierra Club mailers.

Waldrop asked how DeBruhl could best represent all the people of the district if she promised to be a reliable Republican vote.