As long as we've grown accustomed to our President picking and choosing what laws to enforce, maybe we could all agree to scrap the State of the Union speech.

Or at least modify it a bit.

For example, I saw a great idea the other day - to open the speech up for questions from the floor. While the idea was floated by the Washington Post, Allahpundit at Hot Air didn't like it very much:

with 30 million people watching would be the Super Bowl of grandstanding. It would be insufferable, start to finish


I'll take my chances.

Plus, if we can run commercial breaks with Super Bowl-esque advertising, I think it's a win-win for America.

If a wide open Q&A is too much, maybe have the opposition party appoint someone to debate the President, instead of the silly rebuttals.

Another idea - we could give all the attendees those dials that pollsters use during focus groups. Turn the dial one way for a positive reaction. Turn it the other way if you don't like what the President is saying. Then, if a speech dips below a certain rating, the speech is over. No finishing a sentence. They just kill all the lights and it just stops.

Or maybe use a big gong or something.

The President would HAVE to appeal to both sides if he's going to finish his speech.

Or perhaps they could raffle off IRS exemptions every 10 minutes or so. The President would pause for a moment as the Speaker of the House randomly draws a taxpayers' name from a jar. Winners would get to avoid taxes for one year.

Look, I'm just spitballing here. I'm open to ideas.