Our blogger friend Lady Liberty has been doing great work detailing who's behind the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina (now dubbed the Forward Together/Moral Movement).

For example, LL uncovers the arrest histories for five of the protesters who occupied the office of House Speaker Thom Tillis last week:


Here are all five:

Norman Clark - Possessing Stolen Goods

Rubye Harris - Assault, Larceny, Financial Card Fraud

Jason McCullen - Misdemeanor Breaking and Entering

Meyshon Payton - Resisting Officer, Larceny, Disorderly Conduct, Misdemeanor Breaking & Entering

Tyrek Pierce - Felony Larceny, False Imprisonment, Felony Robbery (3 charges)


Yesterday, another small group of leftist protesters were at the General Assembly. The focus of this protest was environmental issues and health justice (whatever the hell that is).

But lawmakers were not there and the building was closed.

So, the protesters crammed the letters into the door.







Which is kind of an odd thing for environmentalists to do -- dump a bunch of papers all over the place. I guess it'll biodegrade at some point.