Governor Pat McCrory must certainly be Satan to offer this kind of state-destroying fiscal blueprint.  Or should I give the credit to Art "The Puppet Master" Pope for trying to ensure poor minority kids are kept illiterate and uneducated?

Today, McCrory offered his first budget proposal. It's more than 300 pages, so it's going to take some time for (honest) pundits to assess the true magnitude of meanness.

The Raleigh News & Observer had this headline:

"McCrory’s budget: hires 1,800 more teachers, gives state workers a pay raise"


There really ought to be federal charges for this kind of attack on the children, don't you think?

Gov. Pat McCrory proposed a modest $20.6 billion state budget Wednesday that includes a 1 percent pay hike for state employees but limits spending growth to 2 percent.

The Republican governor emphasized spending on education and economic development, two campaign priorities in the plan, by including money to hire 1,800 additional classroom teachers and $2.7 million to craft a new branding strategy to lure companies to the state. Another 5,000 at risk 4-year-olds would be able to get into pre-kindergarten programs, at a cost of $9 million a year. But it also cuts $117 million that now funds teacher assistants.

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The progressives and Democrats on social media pounced - focusing on the cuts to teachers assistants and some training programs.  The argument is, I guess, that hiring more teachers is a worse option than training existing ones. Better to have people not employed at all.

You know, for the children.

My goodness, and I thought Sophie's Choice was heartbreaking.

Two other items that are getting early attention are the de-funding of judicial races and cuts to the NC Biotechnology Center and Rural Economic Development Center.

On the judge races:  Associate Editor at Carolina Journal, Barry Smith, quotes McCrory's Budget Director Art Pope as saying, "This eliminates tax money going to political candidates."

On the cuts to Biotech Center and Rural Eco Dev Center: Democratic consultant and former advisor to failed Gubernatorial candidate Bill Faison, Jeanne Bonds, tweeted:  "Both #NCRuralCenter @ncbiotech do tremendous jobs initiatives in rural areas. Always GOP target b/c of history."

GOP attorney and Republican politico, Brent Woodcox, responded: "Programs that Dems supported and GOP opposed are being cut by GOP #NCGOV and GOP #NCGA. LOUD NOISES!!!"

Here is a link to the entire budget proposal.  There will be a test later today.

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