This is both cool and creepy.

Researchers in Poland developed a newfangled contraption that purports to measure alcohol vapors exhaled by a person.

In a car.

While driving.

In the future I guess police officers will run DWI checkpoints the same way they run speed traps.



From The Verge:

The device, detailed in a study published by scientists at Warsaw's Military University of Technology, can detect alcohol vapor inside moving vehicles by using special curved mirrors and beams of light.

The device works by shining a laser through a car from the side of the road, before the beam of light bounces back off a mirror and into a detector, informing the researchers of the occupant's blood alcohol level. The study says the device was able to detect blood alcohol concentrations of as low as 0.1 percent in tests using a system that simulated the breathing of a drunk driver...


However, there appears to be one sight problem with the technology:

results can be altered by a range of factors including other drunk passengers in the same car, open windows, or air conditioning


So... basically any vehicle in the South from March through November.

Of course, DWI enforcement will become a little easier, as cops can just look for the swerving vehicles that have their windows down in January.