This is a math problem posted in a 7th grade class in a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school.


A friend posted this onto Facebook, prompting this very astute response:

A seventh grader is not equipped to understand it. They (or the vast majority of them) have no comprehension about what it takes to make a living. They have no concept to the actual rent/mortgage payments, car payments, utilities, food, clothing, basic household maintenance, gas, day to day expenses (not to mention the taxes that are taken off of the top of the pile before you even get a chance to divvy up the pile, yourself. their experience is video games and sodas.

So, an unfiltered, unindoctrinated 7th grader would naturally say that 7.25 is MORE than enough to make a living.
Are you kidding me? That's like 16grand! To a typical 12-13 year old? 16Thousand dollars is a FORTUNE!!!

So if the assignment comes back with anything less than "OF COURSE you can make a living a off of that!," you will know that the brainwashing has begun.




UPDATE: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School responded via Twitter: