Governor Pat McCrory was on the show yesterday and said he would not be attending a meeting today with a 12-year old girl who got media attention for joining the Moral Monday protests.

"This is ridiculous," he said. 

Protest Cookies

The girl is Madison Kimrey, who gained notoriety by asking the Governor's staff for food while protesting outside the Governor's mansion with some Occupy folks. It was the same day as "CookieGate" - where McCrory gave a plate of cookies to abortion protesters.

“One of the workers at the mansion went to close the doors,” she said. That’s when Kimrey and some of her fellow protesters who’d been insulted by the cookie offerings called out, “It would be really nice to have some brownies, too.”

Kimrey said the governor’s staff member headed back to the mansion and returned with another person, possibly a chef or waiter, and brought takeout boxes with cake slices to the gate.

“They wouldn’t open the gate to actually bring us the cake,” Kimrey said.

Kimrey said when she accepted the cake through the gates, she told the deliverer, “It would be really nice if we could have some rights to go with this.”

As with the cookies, the protestors didn’t eat the cake, Kimrey said. She figures McCrory didn’t authorize the cake delivery because he was away from the Executive Mansion at the time, surveying the flooding in Catawba and Lincoln counties.

Since then, Kimrey has launched a public campaign to get the Governor to meet with her. Here's the video:

She wants to meet McCrory at 2:00 today in a Raleigh park.

"I don't want to debate or argue with you in any way," she says in the video. "There's a time for party politics and this isn't one of those times. This is just a time for two people to sit down and talk."

Of course! That's why she took her public request for a public meeting to the very private and non-partisan website


Kids as props

In his interview yesterday, McCrory noted he meets with kids often.  This is a political ploy - whether Madison Kimrey knows it or not.

"This is one of the girls that came to our gate and actually asked for food from some of my people," he said. "She said she was hungry and we went out gave her food - gave her some cake, and they made it a big political thing.  This is very liberal groups using children as props to push a very far-left agenda."

McCrory added he opposes any political party that uses kids in this fashion.

"For them to keep calling themselves the 'Moral Monday' - I think it's an insult that they use children.  Just because we disagree politically on some issues and implementation, doesn't make one group moral and the other group immoral. And I wish the media would call them on that self-righteous type of attitude."


Here are two other YouTube videos Kimrey has put up. I can't imagine why the Governor would think her request for a meeting is NOT a political stunt!