What an embarrassment for Asheville and what is billed as a new signature event for the city.

Organizers of the newly-revamped Moogfest reportedly asked North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to not attend the opening day celebration out of fear of protests from the local intolerant left.

Moogfest had previously celebrated McCrory's participation in a 90 minute discussion called "WIRING SILICON MOUNTAIN: Technology & Innovation As A Tool For Economic Development."

In their arrogant infantilism, the local liberal fascists believe their perpetual outrage at Republican policies trumps a state representative's participation in what is billed as a regional attraction.

From the Citizen-Times:

Andrew LaFiosca, a local Ashevillian and protest organizer had this to say, "Over the past week, we've seen our collective community rise in solidarity confronting an administration that threatens our environment, our right to equality, and our future.

"While some speculation remains on the reasoning behind McCrory's sudden absence, especially in light of all the press releases, articles, and posts in Moog's official schedule, I think we can all be happy that a man so mired in corruption, and so out of touch with the citizens who pay his salary will no longer falsely represent our town in it's biggest festival of the year. Whether or not someone at Moog, or through the city made a positive decision in regards to the community remains to be seen."


Hey, Andrew, the "collective community" is more than your 200 or so band of merry malcontents. The level of narcissism necessary for these local leftists to think their views are held by everyone - let alone a majority - is astounding.

In 2012, Gov. McCrory beat Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton in a landslide.

His presence at Moogfest isn't to represent Asheville, Andrew. It's to represent the state.

The state that elected him.

Yes, yes... we know. Y'all don't like Pat McCrory, the GOP, or conservatives. You are all very mad that you have no power in Raleigh anymore. We get it. But does your tantrum ever end? 

Do we ever get to a point when you're not standing on a street corner screaming "You suck!" at every Republican?

Are Republicans ever allowed to attend a local conference without your stolen 1960s chants as background noise?

Or should they just ignore Asheville from now on? Just pretend it doesn't exist?



Disagreement is not allowed

Over at Ashvegas, the liberal posters are giddily urinating their virtual underpants over the cancellation. They believe they've scored a victory somehow.

And maybe they have.

Another victory for the steady march of Shutuppery - for shouting down people who disagree with them. (See the video at the end for a full explanation.)

I'm old enough to remember when a sitting Governor attending a local conference was a positive. I suspect the Moogfest organizers thought so, too. Until the local left began flinging it's rhetorical feces at the visitors.

I'm old enough to remember when the Democrats in the area were worried that Governor-elect Pat McCrory might not pay the region any attention. And I remember how happy they said they were when McCrory said his first visit as Governor would be to Asheville.

There was a time when giving the imprimatur of state support for a local event was something to be welcomed - regardless of party affiliation.

Instead, the local left has (once again) showed its collective ass to the state of North Carolina, while framing Moogfest as a bunch of cowards. Congratulations.

And to prove how little the left actually cares about the PR impact on Moogfest - they still plan to protest the Governor who is not attending.


You see, Moogfest, the mob can never be sated. Your appeasement hasn't bought you anything except disdain.

To quote Andrew Klavan: "Shut up is the central rationale behind the leftists program."

And the Asheville mob just proved his point.