When President Barack Obama made his appearance yesterday in Asheville, he mentioned that he's been considering a move to the area after his term is over in 2015.

"I love coming to Asheville," he told the crowd of supporters.  "Michelle and I always talk about how ... after this whole presidency thing, we're looking for a little spot.  Come on down?  Play a little golf. Do a little hiking, fishing eat barbeque. "

Like previous trips, the President had lunch from 12 Bones, and expressed his love of the grub.

So, it got me thinking - what would life be like with a President living in the area? Would we bump into him at the Grove Arcade doing some weekend window shopping? Would Secret Service be running advance teams into the Orange Peel ahead of some particular show the Obamas were interested in seeing?

As for the actual house - would it be in a gated community? He couldn't build one, after all, because Asheville banned them.

Also, I must assume he'd have a large estate. And I've heard that whenever you get a big place like "an estate" you get to name it.

So, what would a Presidential house in Asheville be called?

Some of ideas off the top of my head: 

"Point Break" - he's an ex-president, after all.

"The Primary-Residential Complex" - a nod to the powerful special interests

"Special Interest" - a nod to the powers that be

"The Hope House" or "The Change Estate" - draws from the inspirational 2008 campaign

"Obamaland" - honors the hard work of all those campaign staffers who helped him win election (even though it's still named after Obama, iteself)

"Presidebt" - reflects the state of the nation's finances

"Made in China" - in honor of our special relationship with the communist nation

"The US Cellular Center" - I assume once the golf course and basketball court goes in, the Civic Center might not be the most attractive naming rights deal in town

What names have you thought up?