The Democratic candidate for NC House District 116 says his Republican opponents offered him a job in exchange for dropping out of the race.

Brian Turner was on the show yesterday and said he and Tim Moffitt agreed to a lunch meeting in February - where Turner thought it would be a quick chance to say 'Hello' before the campaign got underway.

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But he said Moffitt told him that he wanted to be Speaker of the House and would need to focus his attention on building support among his fellow lawmakers, rather than running a re-election campaign back home in the district.

Turner said Moffitt suggested Turner could serve the public in another manner - such as working for UNC-TV. According to Turner, Moffitt said the entire public television operation might even be brought from Raleigh to Asheville.

Later, Turner said Moffitt warned him of third-party groups that would "nuke" him during the campaign and that he should consider the toll this might take on his wife and daughter.

Turner said he perceived the job offer as a quid pro quo, and the warning as a threat during the conversation.

Turner said he looked into filing a complaint, but hasn't done so because it would just be his word against Moffitt's.

And David King's.

The Republican County Commission arranged the meeting between the two men, and was present for the lunch.

I spoke with King today and he'll be on the program today at 5:00. King says he heard the interview with Brian Turner and says Moffitt did not make any "nuanced offer."


You can hear the entire interview with Brian Turner here.

Listen live at 5:00 p.m. today to hear the interview with David King here.