Some North Carolina progressives are celebrating the arrest* of Robert Rucho.
Not the Republican NC State Senator - but his son.
From leftist Greg Flynn's blog:
Senator Bob Rucho is one of the most strident advocates of strict voter ID laws in NC requiring photo ID for proof of identity, in his words, “providing integrity and honesty in the system”. Last month according to court and police records his namesake son, Robert Rucho II, was charged with using a fake ID to purchase alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, and larceny of a bottle of liquor from a Chapel Hill restaurant.

According to a Chapel Hill Police report the incident happened in the early hours of April 17th at the “Old Chicago” restaurant/bar on Franklin St. A bottle of Triple Sec valued at $12 was stolen and recovered. According to the arrest report all three charges are listed as misdemeanors. Robert Rucho II was released after being charged and cited. A court date is scheduled for June 10th in Orange County.
And remember the 12-year old abortion advocate who demanded a one-on-one meeting with Governor Pat McCrory? Well, Madison Kimrey is all over this story, too.

Young people make mistakes. We do stupid things. Bob Rucho’s son appears to have made a really stupid mistake that many young people have made in the past. Under normal circumstances, this would not even be relevant. Being a State Senator should not mean that you and your family are expected to be perfect and I am not a fan of turning other people’s mistakes into political scandals.

I do think this particular instance is relevant to issues we have in my state, though. Senator Rucho argued the elimination of a program that pre-registered over 160,000 teenagers based on the confusion of his son. He argued against civics education programs based on the fact he didn’t feel they were necessary for his children. He argued that requiring ID would eliminate voter fraud. Indeed, it may be hard for North Carolinians who can’t obtain the documents they need, take time off work, or arrange transportation to the DMV to obtain real ID’s to afford to get fake ID’s. But it’s evidently not that hard for the sons of rich people to do it.

Obviously, the kind-hearted progressives are not using this story to advance their narrative or extract the proverbial pound of flesh from their political adversary. No, no. This is about issues!
Relevant issues.
In our state.

Let's examine the logic

Sen. Rucho advocated a state-issued ID in order to vote. He argued that an ID is easily obtainable and will help prevent fraud by proving that a person is who they claim to be, and that they reside at the home precinct in which they are voting.
Sen. Rucho's son apparently attempted to use a fake ID so he could buy alcohol. Flynn says this story helps prove voter ID doesn't work.
On more than one occasion Rucho has referred to one or other of his sons anecdotally when supporting voting restrictions. On this occasion this son has anecdotally demonstrated that possession of an apparently valid ID does not necessarily validate identity.
I should note - we don't know what kind of fake ID.
Twenty years ago, my college pals and I drove to a tiny shop off the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill and purchased ridiculously fake "Identification Cards" for about $50 each. Mine was purportedly from Pennsylvania, but looked nothing like that state's official documents.
I also worked the door at a bar and saw plenty of fake IDs there. Usually, people get ID's of someone who looks like them. Crafting an actual fake document is harder - especially today with the security features of official ID cards.
The reason the kind of ID matters is because the type of document the kid used is the heart of the left's attack related to voter ID.
If Rucho crafted a fake document, it was spotted. Was it a good fake? If so, this would seem to indicate that making fake IDs to cheat in voting could be a real problem. Certainly, paying a bunch of money for a fake ID is a valuable investment for a college kid looking to drink.
But, spending the money to influence an election? Not so much. Unless, Flynn is arguing that there is (or will be) a widespread enterprise devoted to producing fake documents so people can steal elections.
Now, if Rucho used someone else's license, he was caught doing so. Someone recognized that the kid buying the tequila was not the man pictured on the ID.
In other words, it worked.
This actually undermines the argument from Flynn & Kimrey who claim voter ID doesn't help protect the voting process. This arrest shows that an ID actually does exactly that. Will it prevent every instance of attempted fraud? No. But as this story obviously proves, carding people does help.
The logically consistent position for Flynn & Kimrey to take on this is that Rucho's son should not have been carded at all.
I wonder why they didn't make that case.


This is a Facebook post from Victoria Smith in response to this post:
I can't believe you are repeating this junk, Pete. We conservatives have a hard enough time with the media and left wing bloggers who are accountable to no one. The facts are it was a citation not an arrest; there was no "release" because he was never detained and it is a $200 fine. 
North Carolina allows citations in lieu of arrests. Here is the explanation.