I'm sure this is 'for the children.'

News 14 Carolina reports on a planned teacher strike in North Carolina being organized on Facebook:

This is how government agents work, of course.

First, officials require all parents send their kids to school. Then officials attempt to limit or block alternatives to government-run schools. Over time, parents grow dependent upon those government schools. This leaves the parents in a position to be easily extorted.

However, I wonder if this effort might backfire a bit, prompting parents to seek more stable alternatives.

Also, I'm watching to see how the NC media covers this event - scheduled for November 4th.

For years, I've seen a lot of quotes from Democratic politicians and pundits about how Republicans have "held hostage" various government programs and services.

I wonder if they'll characterize this strike the same way. While the media might agree that teachers should be paid more, there can be no doubt what the political tactic is.

I suspect, however, I'll be told shutting down schools is most certainly not the same as shutting down government. I'll be told these are very different things.

I'm sure I'll learn that it's simply not possible to hold taxpayers, parents, and kids hostage as long as you're demanding more government spending.