A new TV ad targeting Gov. Pat McCrory is airing in North Carolina, paid for by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

First, we need to alert US Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) who has made political advertising by non-Tar Heel organizations the main issue of her re-election campaign. Ok, ok... the only issue of her campaign.

Take a look at the NRDC ad against McCrory:


I know! Very scary. And VERY outsiderish. Hagan is undoubtedly outraged.

WGHP reporter Bob Buckley took a look at the claims made in this ad.












From the NCGOP:

The ad, for instance, accuses Gov. McCrory of knowing that the coal ash pits were dangerous, but Buckley points out that so did the last four governors who preceded him.
Buckley also notes that the NRDC is not attacking Democrats in the General Assembly who killed a bill to clean up the coal ash. At the time, Bev Perdue was Governor and Democrats controlled the General Assembly.


Buckley's report also noted how the NRDC didn't go after Tennessee's Democratic governor after the big coal ash spill there a few years ago, either.

Factual exaggerations aside, I have no problem with the NRDC running ads targeting McCrory - or anyone else, for that matter.

I would, however, submit this as another example of why we should remove the tax exempt status for all non-profits.

Organizations shouldn't get a tax write-off just because they're jumping through a political loophole. This ad clearly attacks the Governor. It's clearly political in nature. At the same time, it's clearly about an issue, too. But protecting their tax exempt status leads to the insulting interview with the NRDC guy - who tried to explain it's not a political attack ad.