From WSOC-TV and Carolina Plotthound

A Western NC man helped save three kids and a pregnant woman down in Florida, as the woman attempted to drive her minivan into the ocean.


(Screen capture of WSOC-TV video)


That's Tim Teseneer in the yellow windbreaker. He's a volunteer fireman in Rutherfordton.

He said the kids were screaming and one of them said, "Our mom is trying to kill us."

Teseneer's wife shot video of the rescue and WSOC-TV in Charlotte has the entire video here.


From Newser report:

Police say they pulled Ebony Wilkerson over hours before the incident after her sister reported that she was "not all here," NBC News reports. "She's talking about Jesus, that there's demons in the house," said the sister. "She's got the kids in the car with her." Wilkerson told police, however, she was afraid her ex-husband would find and hurt her and her children, so she was going to her "safe place." And though she wouldn't tell police where that was, they found no reason to detain her, WESH reports. 


More details are at the link.