North Carolina progressives had another fit of exaggerated outrage this week after discovering an seeking teachers in the Houston Independent School District. 


That starting salary is pretty high - at $46,805.

It's actually higher than the average pay in the whole Houston District ($46,247).

This means the jobs HISD is seeking to fill would be starting off higher than the average salary. What the perpetually outraged PR shock troops fail to consider is ... why?

Why is HISD offering a starting salary higher than the average pay for all their other teachers?

These positions are obviously tougher to fill. So tough, in fact, that the system cannot entice current HISD employees to do the work.

Houston is not the first district to offer thousands of dollars in bonus pay to recruit teachers into challenged schools.

By comparison:

Average starting teacher pay in Texas = $34,234.

Average starting teacher pay in NC = $30,779

Average Texas teacher pay = $48,638

Average NC teacher pay = $46,605



Also, this morning the NC Senate Republicans unveiled their own teacher pay plan.


Republicans in the state Senate are set to propose a major overhaul of how classroom teachers are paid in North Carolina, including a pathway to substantial pay raises for teachers who choose to give up tenure. Teachers who want to keep job protections that come with tenure would stay on the current plan – and face stagnant pay.


Draft budget documents obtained by The News & Observer indicate that Senate leaders are planning to spend as much as $468 million more on teacher pay in the next budget year – a significant amount that would provide an average raise of 11 percent for teachers who move to the new pay plan.


I'll keep you posted on the resulting fit of outrage...