(Source: Shaneen Allen Legal Defense Fund Facebook page)


A listener sent this story to me yesterday and, I think you'll agree, it's pretty outrageous.

Shaneen Allen, 27, has a conceal-carry permit in her home state of Pennsylvania. When she got pulled over in New Jersey she learned that the permit meant nothing in the Garden State.

It was invalid because it was from another state.

And now she's looking at 11 years in prison: 


 From Philly.com:

Allen said she had purchased the gun because she felt unsafe in her neighborhood after being robbed and beaten last year. She has admitted that she was unaware of the law that made it illegal for her to bring the .38-caliber Bersa Thunder handgun into the state. The gun has two safety locks and a trigger lock.

Earlier this month, a Superior Court judge refused to drop charges against Allen. Judge Michael Donio also refused to overturn an Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office decision that denied Allen the opportunity to enter New Jersey's pretrial intervention program, which would have allowed her to avoid jail time.


Gov. Chris Christie (R) says he's aware of the case, and hasn't ruled out some remedy.

Christie says he's been following the case closely but doesn't like to intervene in cases until they've had the opportunity to work their way through the judicial process.

He says once that's happened he'll consider whether he thinks the results are fair and consider potential action, such as commuting her sentence or a pardon.


The trial is set for early October. Allen has a legal defense fund set up, and you can see the Facebook page here.