This is why I reject the Moral Monday protesters: 


For starters, what they're celebrating is mob rule. They are parading through the legislative hall, demanding their voices be heard above the voters who elected the representatives inside that very hall.

The chant "This is what democracy looks like" is a threat. It is intended to intimidate the target audience into compliance out of fear of the mob.

However, the chant is quite true - mob rule is very often exactly what democracy looks like.

As Karl Marx said, "Democracy is the road to socialism." 

This is why America's founders created a constitutional representative republic - a nation ruled by law, not the mob.


Occupy Monday

The chant used by the Moral Monday folks is straight from the Occupy protests. Our friend Lady Liberty has been documenting the connections and cross-pollination of Occupy and Moral Monday for quite a while, and I urge you check out her work.

This is important because the Occupy movement was riddled with self-identified socialists and communists. This is undeniable.

And the Occupy folks are in the Moral Monday operations: 


That is a direct quote from Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. 

Aside from the massive time commitment required to squat on a piece of property, the Occupiers had a hard time with its leaderless governing model. It also had difficulty formulating its goals.

And once the protesters did begin articulating specific policies (and how to achieve them), support began eroding. With few candidates and fewer successes at the ballot box to affect the change they sought, the protesters drifted away.

When they defined, they divided. 

Moral Monday, to its credit, has defined what it wants. And, in a word, it is everything.

If they can dream it, they can dream government will do it.

The price tag? Anywhere between $7 to $10 billion.

Estimates now reach an eye-popping $10 billion to pay for the “people’s agenda.” That would mark a whopping 50 percent increase in the state budget. To fund the “Moral Monday” demands would cost every man, woman in child in North Carolina roughly an additional $1,000. That amounts to adding another $4,000 in taxes to the tax bill of each family of four.


Unions are paying folks to come protest...



 ... in an effort to unionize the south.



If it helps with grammar, then maybe I could get on board....



When you consider that anti-capitalists have joined their ranks, and their list of demands would be impossible to fund without bankrupting the state, it's pretty clear that this is a protest movement unrepresentative of the majority of North Carolinians.

Just like Occupy was.

But they do make some entertaining media.

Here's a Moral Monday supporter's parody. It's clever and well-produced. However, I had to shake my head when, at the end, one protester said the state should raise the minimum wage so "everyone has a good living."