File this one under "What else did you expect?"


The President of NC NAACP and Moral Monday creator Rev. William Barber was on the HBO program Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday. In a completely predictable softball interview, host Maher laid up leftist lobs for the Rev. Barber to swing at.


And swing he did --listing the standard parade of horribles that he's used as a rallying cry for the out-of-power progressives in our state.


(He even touted the debunked 80,000 attendance figure for that HKonJ rally in February.)


The full interview can only be seen if you have a HBO GO account, but the internet-only segment, called "Overtime," is open to anyone:


Overtime: July 18, 2014


Kudos to Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein who directly asks Barber to explain how bankrupting via entitlement spending and the debt will help the poor.


Barber sidesteps the issue, instead trotting out the tired tropes he's made the focus of his weekly sermons to the god of government.


"You rob the bank, give all the money to the wealthy, and then say the bank will be broke," Barber preached.


And while this line won him a round of applause, it has no relationship to the reasons why the federal government will be unable to afford Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the debt.


Barber's one-note worship at the altar of government blinds him to reality that there is not enough money to be taxed to pay for these four items.


He then works back to his accusation that conservatives and many whites are racists who only oppose government programs because brown people benefit. He avoids the economic reality while demagoguing millions of people who are concerned about that economic reality.


He concludes by bearing false witness to the idea the North Carolina legislature raised taxes on 89% of residents to give tax breaks to the wealthiest 11%.


He called it "wrong" and "immoral."


What's wrong is Barber's economic justice theory.


From John Hood at the John Locke Foundation:


North Carolina’s 2013 tax package fits this definition of successful tax reform. A new study of its effects, published by the John Locke Foundation with the assistance of the Massachusetts-based Beacon Hill Institute, shows that the average household at every income level will pay lower state taxes in 2014 and beyond than they would otherwise have paid.

The total tax burden will drop by about $150 million a year for households with incomes below $50,000. For those with incomes between $50,000 and $100,000, the net tax savings will approach $140 million a year. Upper-middle-income and wealthy taxpayers will get significant tax relief, as well, reflecting the fact that they were previously paying the highest marginal income tax rate, 7.75 percent, which will drop two full points to the new flat rate of 5.75 percent.

This is only the beginning of the story, however.

For one thing, 2013 wasn’t the first year of spirited debate about state taxes. Two years earlier, when Democrat Bev Perdue was governor and Republicans had just taken over the General Assembly, Democrats proposed to extend most or all of a one-cent sales tax they had originally enacted in 2009 as “temporary.”

Republicans refused. If Perdue and the Democrats had gotten their way, poor and middle-class North Carolinians would be shouldering as much as $400 million a year in higher sales taxes today.

Where were liberal journalists and activists in 2011? In favor of the Democratic plan, of course.


Barber also hummed a few bars from the "Jesus was a liberal" hymn that seems so popular among the political left nowadays.


"One of the things that I struggle with with my Republicans - I call them extremists - because we have some good Republicans - my granddaddy was one - they claim to love Jesus so much, Jesus - if he didn't do anything - went around setting up free health clinics," said Barber.


Which, of course, is not true (at least according to the Biblical accounts).


But maybe Barber was saying Jesus WOULD do that if he walked the earth now.


And, while I do not purport to know how the Son of God would behave if walking the planet today, I would venture to guess he would not be seizing other peoples' property to fund these clinics.


I also suspect he would not be providing abortions inside these free clinics, either.


But maybe Rev. Barber and I have different ideas of what's "moral" and what is not.