Here's the story (as highlighted by Carolina PlottHound today):

Road rage leads to fight.

Fight leads to a gun getting pulled.

That leads to a search for the man who whipped out the weapon.

Oh! Did I mention the whole thing is on video?  Well, it is.

And here it is:

(WARNING: explicit language)

According to WNCT-TV, Newport, NC police arrested Bradley and Christy Turner.

Deputies say 40-year-old Bradley Turner from La Grange took out his anger Sunday morning at another man who cut him off while driving.

Turner allegedly started punching his victim, a man in a white baseball cap, after following him from James City to his house in Newport. The victim's friend shot cell phone video of the whole thing.

Eventually the suspect's wife, 30-year-old Christy Turner, came out with a gun.

Deputies say her husband shot at his victims, missing them, but hitting the victim's car and a neighbor's home.

All of this started on Sunday at about 1:00 p.m. in the James City area of Craven County.  According to the story, investigators say there was a toddler in the car.

Wait - what?