About a month ago I spotted this old toy at my brother-in-law's childhood home.


I had the exact same toy as a kid in New York. (I could not locate his Luke Duke action figure for this photo shoot.)

The roof opens up and you can put Bo & Luke into the car and recreate all the amazing jumps you saw on the TV show.

So in love with the Dukes of Hazzard story were we, that my sisters and I converted the red-stained backyard picnic table into a perfectly acceptable General Lee replica.

It didn't move, but when we were turning the frisbee-turned-steering-wheel, it sure did feel like we were outrunning the local law.

We even made a poster of the Rebel flag and taped it onto the roof of our wooden car. (We forgot to remove it and after one rain it was utterly destroyed.)

So, maybe that's why I noticed the new AutoTrader commercial seemed to be missing... something...


And here is how the General Lee was born:



Hmmm... not quite as racisty as some might've thought.

But if Auto Trader made the decision to not shoot the roof (and omit the flag) why does the name General Lee get to stay?

What about the horn that blares Dixie?

Wouldn't it all be equally offensive and politically incorrect?

History and politics aside, here is a cool behind-the-scenes video from the commercial shoot: