I have no idea how Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan's news conference could've been worse except had she lit a baby bunny on fire while stomping on the American flag.

The junior Senator from North Carolina filed for re-election yesterday in Wake County. The media was all there, as her campaign obviously alerted them to the event. This is pretty standard. It makes for good video to have the pol surrounded by friends, family, and supporters as they sign the paperwork and everyone cheers.

But it seemed to escape Hagan and her camp that after she signs the papers she'd need to actually talk to the media.

About her record.

And that's where the wheels fell off this thing.

... Hagan ... refused on Monday to answer questions about what she knew about the laws limits.

Like President Barack Obama, Hagan said the Affordable Care Act would allow North Carolinians to keep their existing insurance plans if they liked them. The pledge proved false – and earned Obama PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year honors.

But the details about what Hagan knew about the law’s limits and when she learned it remains unclear. Asked about it again Monday at a press conference in Raleigh, after she made her re-election bid official at the State Board of Elections, Hagan avoided the question.

Pressed on the question two more times as reporters followed her outside to the parking lot, Hagan did not answer. She offered this explanation without further details: “it wasn’t clear that insurance companies were selling substandard policies.”

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/02/24/3650966/as-she-makes-re-election-bid-official.html#storylink=cpy


Followed her into the parking lot? This is bad video for the rest of the campaign season.

(Video comes from America Rising)



Then she  stopped for a moment to make this comment:



 This is, of course, unbelievable.

Of course she and supporters of the Affordable Care Act knew insurance companies were selling "substandard plans." That was the whole point for setting minimum coverages.

Either Sen. Hagan doesn't understand insurance or she thinks we don't.

How could the campaign not have answers to these questions ready to deliver at this event?

Maybe it's because they don't have any.