Hear that GOP?

The way to attract more minority voters is to accuse your opponent of being a racist who is trying to cut their food stamps.

This, ironically, is essentially the same message Democrats have used for decades. So, I guess it works.

I'm not sure what it says about our republic, the voters motivated by such a message, or the candidates pushing that message.

It makes me kind of sad.

Down in Mississippi, Republican Senator Thad Cochran beat the Tea Party-backed challenger in a run-off. This special election was necessary only because neither Cochran nor State Senator Chris McDaniel were able to get enough votes to win the Republican primary on June 3.

With McDaniel leading in the polls, the Cochran camp began campaigning to black voters.




 Getting out that vote

Here's one example making the rounds on social media:



 And here's a radio ad: 


There's a lot of speculation that Cochran, who is 76, will not serve his entire term and that Haley Barbour will vie for the vacant seat.

There's also a lot of complaining about the ridiculous open primary system Mississippi uses, wherein a voter can vote in a run-off even if they didn't vote in the primary that spawned the run-off. The only voters who couldn't vote yesterday were those who voted in the Democratic primary. Anyone else was allowed.

In North Carolina, you don't get to vote in the GOP run-off if you didn't vote in the GOP primary. This seems pretty logical.

Otherwise, a party is allowing non-party members to pick it's nominee in a primary run-off where turnout is very low. And that's what happened yesterday, as Cochran openly solicited black voters by telling them McDaniel and the Tea Party is racisty and want to cut their welfare.

So, the GOP has it's new battle plan - accuse every Democrat of being a racist who is trying to end food stamps, Medicaid, Section 8 vouchers, and any other benefit. It won't matter if it's true or not, of course.

Because in politics - winning is all that matters. 

I guess that's the real lesson from yesterday.



I failed to include the all-important Bestiality Demographic in this analysis. Cochran made a play for that vital voting bloc, and it obviously worked, too!

 (Go to the 1:00 mark)


Good job GOP.... good job.