They might not get the Obamacare website fixed by Monday's deadline, but at least they know how to run a Turkey Hunger Games!

No, this is not a parody OF the administration, it's a parody BY the administration that, inadvertantly, mocks the administration. Very meta.

The White House has turned the annual turkey pardoning ritual into an American Idol-esque contest.

Perhaps we could televise the final vote, put President Obama in a throne in an arena and have him give the final thumbs down for the doomed fowl.

Seriously, though, is this what our government should be doing? In a $3 trillion budget, the cost of this stupid spoof is minimal. But it's representative of hundreds of similiarly wasteful endeavors undertaken by a government that has lost sight of its legitimate function.

The stupidest part of this?

Both Popcorn and Caramel will be pardoned. Neither one of them will be slaughtered for the Thanksgiving Day feast.  Not only is this bad news for un-named Turkey #3 in the queue, but it also means this contest has absolutely ZERO value.

It's not going to spare one turkey's life.

It's not going to do anything.

On second thought

Come to think of it, perhaps this contest is the PERFECT  symbol of government.

People get to vote on their favorite candidate - both of whom will be sent off to live the good life.

Folks cast their vote based on superficial qualities like the way the candidates sound and what is their favorite song.

But in the end, the choice is still between two turkeys.