A man running for Congress in Virginia promises "WAR on the tea party, FOX News, NRA, and other trash."

Mike Dickinson is his name and he appeared (of all places) on FOX News yesterday.

Video gold ensues: 


Dickinson thinks he performed well in this appearance, and was obviously oblivious to the hypocrisy he was exhibiting by calling politicians liars after being caught lying about his resume.

But his rhetoric is not very different from his comrades on the left.

He criticizes the coverage of the defiant cattle rancher, saying it encourages people to resist and fight the government. But this sentiment is at the heart of modern progressivism and is rejected by proponents of limited government.

So, while he might not realize he's the punchline in this video, he's actually espousing a philosophy shared by about half the American population.

And that's not funny at all.