By Tank Spencer

The North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils rekindle the best rivalry in college basketball and arguably all of sports this week. (The game originally scheduled for Wed. night, but with Snowmageddon 18.2, who knows when it will happen.)

Many are looking past this year's matchups thinking Duke is far superior and the Tar Heels are going nowhere. They may be right, but 99 out of 100 times these teams get together it is a dog fight regardless of the rankings.

The interesting thing about this year's meeting is guessing which Tar Heel team will show up. Will Duke see the team that beat Michigan State, Louisville and Kentucky, plus lost a close one to Texas? Or will they see the team that lost to Belmont, UAB and was recently blown out by Virginia?

After winning 6 of the last 7 Tar Heel fans have to feel somewhat confident that the ship has been righted and the boys in baby blue have figured out how to compete consistantly.

Duke fans, of course, are as annoying as ever. Ha! They see a down Carolina team on the horizon and are licking their chops, hoping for a beatdown. The Devils are as talented as ever but can't seem to keep from shooting themselves in the foot. Losses to Notre Dame and Clemson really hurt. Without those losses, we're talking about a top 10 (at least) team with losses to only Syracuse, Arizona and Kansas. All three conference losses have come on the road and this game with Carolina is in Chapel Hill. Don't sleep Dookies, or you just might pick up another loss.

These games never get old and generally bring more highlights to the seemingly never-ending highlight reel that is the Carolina-Duke rivalry.