I have harbored hatred many times for certain teams, owners of my teams, players who screw up, etc., but never to THIS degree.



A Cleveland Browns fan posted a video on YouTube showing him urinating on the grave of Art Modell. Obviously, this fan is still P-O'ed (pun intended) about Modell moving the Browns to Baltimore in the 90's. It's hard for me to comprehend the audacity of someone to desecrate the grave of another human being. Although through my discussions with Ohio native and KISS Country superstar Roger McCoy, this doesn't surprise me at all. Apparently most people from Ohio aren't too smart.

It's yet another example of fandom gone too far.



Now I've made my fair share of sick jokes about terrible things happening to Blue Devils, Yankees and George Shinn, but I doubt I'd ever do something this disrespectful. It really says something about the “super”fan mindset to see something like this.



I will give the guy credit for one thing. He did get inventive by carrying out his horrid deed without possibly facing indecent exposure charges. The dude hooked up a catheter to himself with duct tape (ouch) so he could do his business out of his pants leg.



There should be some statute that addresses desecrating a grave and I hope he gets the harshest penalty possible. Think about how the family must feel. How would you react if you found that someone did this to your grandad's grave. Irate doesn't begin to describe it for me.

By Tank Spencer