As the Miami Heat and (most importantly to this post) LeBron James finish the year without a NBA title, many LeBron haters are lambasting the superstar and any comparisons one might make to Michael Jordan. In my opinion LeBron is proven to be a better everything than Jordan, except scorer. And if he were turned loose and relied upon for 40 a night, I think he could do it.

For all of the talk about Michael Jordan being the greatest, there is no doubt, he was… WAS being the key word. Jordan did things on a basketball court no one had ever done. The things he repeated, he did better. Many players have come along that were said to be the next MJ, but none panned out… not even LeBron. There won’t be another Michael, but one man has proved he’s better.

LeBron has done something no one expects of a superstar. He plays whatever role he needs to in order to win. Sometimes it’s not enough, but think about it… Michael wasn’t always a champion either. I don’t buy the argument “LeBron doesn’t have the killer instinct to win that Jordan had.” I don’t believe the lame assertions that LeBron could only win when he teamed up with two other All-Stars.

If I remember correctly, Michael had Scottie Pippen. Oh, and he had probably the greatest coach of All-Time in Phil Jackson. For the second 3-peat, he had Dennis Rodman too. You can’t tell me that didn’t make a difference. LeBron played his early years in Cleveland with no one really good. Drew Gooden was he the best teammate he had in those seven years, maybe? Who was his best coach? Mike Brown? LeBron has done far more with less in his time than MJ did.

LeBron is also just a better all-around player, a better teammate and a better person. On the surface he’s a generous giver in the community and a good husband and father. He’s damn near the perfect superstar role model. Michael on the other hand, had a gambling issue, cheated on his wife and it’s well chronicled that he was a selfish teammate.

In the end we can agree to disagree but if you want to be taken seriously stop acting like Michael is head and shoulders above LeBron.

Here’s the other thing, LeBron is just 29 years old. Let’s compare hardware up to this age…


LeBron at 29 Michael at 29
4 MVPs 3 MVPs
2 NBA Titles 2 NBA Titles
2 Finals MVPs 2 Finals MVPs
10 All-Star Games 8 All-Star Games
10 All-NBA Selections 7 All-NBA Selections
6 All-Def. Team 5 All-Def. Team
1 scoring title 6 scoring titles
2 gold medals 2 gold medals