So, there was this “Polar Plunge” thing going around this past winter that called people out to donate $10 to the charity of their choice and a dip into freezing water. I thought that I was safe from this challenge after it warmed up.....I was wrong. People have adapted to the warm weather with the “Cold Water Challenge” that replaces the plunge with getting ice water dumped on you. Normally I would just say forget it and donate the $10 without the hassle but, you are compelled to donate $100 to the charity of the challenger’s choosing if you opt out of the water part. I would love to donate $100 to charity but I only get $20 a week budget from my wife. Yes, my wife handles the finances due to the fact that I just want to buy every cool electronic thing on the market. So, I decided to complete the “Cold Water Challenge” in the name of the two charities listed below.

1. Sarge’s Animal Foundation which is where we adopted our little buddy Swarley from. They are a no-kill animal shelter that does amazing work with animals in Haywood county.

2. The Wounded Warrior Project. This is a foundation that my father and I believe in, as he was and I am a Veteran. I have brothers in arms that benefit from this organization and I think we need this more than ever with the VA fiasco happening across the country.

I took the challenge, watch the video to find out who's next...