By Tank Spencer


When sports blinds us from what is really important in life, that is truly disturbing to me. New York sports talk host Mike Francesa took to the air this week and trashed Mets player Daniel Murphy for taking three days off to be with his wife in Florida as she gave birth to their first child. This poor excuse for a human went on and on about how he couldn't understand what Murphy needed three days off for.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but it baffles me when a fellow father takes such a ridiculous stance. Yes, he's a father himself. Francesa has three children in fact, a set of twins and a singleton. During his insanity-laced tirade he spoke about taking a day when his twins were born and just the morning of the birth of his third. As a guy who completely adores his wife and even more so his children, I can't fathom this laissez-faire attitude toward your family.

When my twins were born I took three weeks off. You know what I did during that time Mikey? EVERYTHING! I took it upon myself to attend to the children while my wife recovered from the most invasive thing she'll hopefully ever have to go through. Granted there were some medical concerns with the birth, but regardless I still would've taken at least a week.

Now I guess big shot New York radio guys and baseball players can “afford” to have someone else do that dirty work. Changing diapers and every two hour feedings may sound like a vacation to Mr. Francesa, but it's hard work. It's harder and more trying than anything I've ever done before or since. Would I trade that experience? At the time, absolutely. Looking back now though, not a chance.

Daniel Murphy is not only right for taking time to enjoy this moment in his life, he should be entitled to more time off. Francesa isn't alone in his criticism. Fellow Big Apple radio guys Boomer Esaison and and Craig Carton also took shots at Murphy. I've never been so disappointed in a group of colleagues. I know we all can't see eye to eye on everything, but I'd like to think we can all see that sports and practically any job (that doesn't include saving lives or something monumental) should take a backseat to family.


If you dare, here's the Francesa segment on Daniel Murphy's paternity leave.