I have said time and time again that I'm sure some academic fraud took place at UNC Chapel Hill, as I believe happens at every major university. To what level it occurred is still in question.

Former UNC tutor Mary Willingham and ex-basketball star Rashad McCants have become the faces of the ongoing rumor mill about the African-American Studies Department at UNC and the paper classes athletes were placed in. The character of both have been called into question by UNC lovers and big college sports supporters. Why? Because they are telling an ugly truth about the system and how it doesn't serve the athletes' best academic interests? I'd say no, NOW it's because both seek to profit from doing so.

We've found out in the last week that both could be getting big pay days for their whistleblowing "for the children." When I spoke briefly to Mary Willingham last week on the phone, she said she had just handed in a manuscript. I didn't have time to inquire exactly what for, but manuscript (to me) screams BOOK DEAL!

Mary, Mary, quite contrary.
How does your bank account grow?
Through embellishment of an embarrassment
I do it for the children though.
                      -Tank Spencer-

On Mark Packer's radio show yesterday Rashad stated that UNC and the NCAA are writing him big checks for how he was "mistreated." He claims UNC is going to pay him $10 million and the NCAA $300 million. I doubt either will happen, but the fact that he's trumpeting that out in public shows me he's not an honest player in the game.

Mary and Rashad are apparently pimping out their "noble" cause (if it ever was). Why should anyone believe anything they say?