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Taking Selfies to a New Level with Doodles

If you are looking for some amazing selfies, look no further than the mirrorsme Instagram account.

When asked why this talented artist started doing this, here is what she wrote back!

I am born doodler, I guess feel as though I invent a "little stage in the mirror."

I have always been drawing, and doodling a lot. you know in my school books, at napkins, etc.

The mirror drawings started, because I use to leave short messages with lipstick for my room mate, just writing silly things, and draw little cartoons for her in the mornings, and you know little glasses, that she could put her face in.

I just thought about how it would look with markers in different colors, and so I just went looking for pens to use on mirrors. And started drawing.

At the time I was writing my bachelor thesis in entrepreneurship, and I guess it was some sort of procrastination.

I have never really been very comfortable at school,its been a place I've ended up letting my mind wonder a little too much, so hence why the doodling probably. :)

I have always needed some kind of activities to channel my thoughts and creativity, you know.

I know it might sound weird, but for me it was the only natural thing to do; to draw on my bathroom mirror.

I started creating these on my private instagram account, but then I created the account mirrorsme, to be anonymous. So I didn't tell anyone I knew about the mirrorsme account, until later when people found out.

The drawings are made with markers (mostly chalk, posca and acrylics). It's not a digital program. I use no apps, except for instagram when I post them.

To see more of her selfie doodles, follow her on Instagram .

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