Accusing a President, Juanita Broadrrick speaks out

With all of the recent accusations of sexual harrassment and sexual abuse about prominent politicians, actors, news anchors and men from many other walks of life, I wanted to take a look back at a time when sexual harrassment wasn't seen as something that needed to be dealt with in a swift and precise manner.

If you do a search of political sex scandals, undoubtedly one of the first situations you would see in your search results would be that of former President Bill Clinton. Clinton's presidency was plagued with allegations from multiple of those evening making it all the way to the Oval office and that would be the Monica Lewinsky ordeal.

However there were others, many others in fact.All of the women that accused the former president of sexual improprities were mocked. 

They were demonized, called liars, tramps, sluts, bimbos and any other derogatory name you can think of all because the image and morality of the sitting president was being called into question.

I was lucky enough to sit down with one of those women recently and talk about the differences between how things are being handled today as opposed to the 1990's.

Juanita Broaderrick was one of Former President Clinton's earliest victims, she was raped by then Arkansas Attorney General William Jefferson Clinton. 

She kept silent for more than 20 years when she was forced to tell her story due to being implicated by another woman who was accusing the former president of nearly the same thing.

The results....20 years of being called a liar.Fast forward to today and the climate and attitude towards sex assault, abuse and rape have changed.Listen to the entire interview HERE! Juanita Broadrrick Interview

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