Pete's Prep: Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019

  • NY Times: "The Democratic backlash against charter schools is getting awkward for the 2020 frontrunners, as black and Hispanic families reignite a debate that some white progressive Dems would rather avoid."
  • Bloomberg News: "Courier Newsroom has already started rolling out digital newspapers with local reporters and editors in six key swing states—Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin—to fill the news deserts, deliver the facts favorable to Democrats that she thinks voters are missing, and counter right-wing spin. While the articles she publishes are based on facts, nothing alerts readers that Courier publications aren’t actually traditional hometown newspapers but political instruments designed to get them to vote for Democrats. And although the articles are made to resemble ordinary news, their purpose isn’t primarily to build a readership for the website: It’s for the pieces to travel individually through social media, amplifying their influence with persuadable voters."
  • National Review: "Swing State Dem Flips on Impeachment"
  • Wall Street Journal: "Idea Laundering’ in Academia: How nonsensical jargon like ‘intersectionality’ and ‘cisgender’ is imbued with an air of false authority."
  • ABC News: "Animal cruelty has officially become a federal felony after President Donald Trump signed the bill into law on Monday afternoon. "
  • CNN: "A Texas woman was found dead after pre-dawn attack by a group of feral hogs outside a home, the Chambers County sheriff said."
  • Mountain Xpress: "During its Tuesday, Nov. 26 meeting, Asheville City Council will consider a zoning change that would allow tiny homes on wheels to operate as permanent residences within the city’s Highway Business zoning district."
  • Hendersonville Times-News: "The Trump administration’s leaders on immigration enforcement said Monday that several North Carolina sheriffs care more about politics than public safety by refusing to cooperate with federal agents looking for immigrants believed to be in the U.S. unlawfully."

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