Impeachapalooza: So, we're doing this

The leader of the party trying to bore holes in all varieties of constitutional foundations heavily quoted America's Founding Fathers in announcing Democrats' intent to impeach President Donald Trump.

Ed Morrissey's reaction at is excellent:

At times, Pelosi’s statement sounded as if it came from an alternate universe. “The facts are uncontested”? The problem with the impeachment case being pursued by Pelosi and Adam Schiff is that it has almost no facts at all presented by direct evidence and direct testimony, and the few they do have are vague and ambiguous. Those have been vigorously contested all along, including at yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, in which Jonathan Turley dismantled Schiff’s entire “bribery” theory and warned that the House was abusing its power rather than Donald Trump.
That wasn’t the most laughable part of Pelosi’s speech, however, nor was it her full minute of Con Law analysis at the beginning of the statement. Instead, the laugh lines came when Pelosi declared that the process has shown that Democrats have “hearts full of love” and have taken a “somber approach” to impeachment. Say what? House Democrats have spent almost three years demanding impeachment over an ever-shifting series of rationalizations and claims, with her hand-picked impeachment manager repeatedly grandstanding for the cameras and claiming to have proof of wrongdoing that Schiff has never produced, even years later.

Meanwhile, Adam Mill at The Federalist dissects Schiff's report:

Of course, swamp-dwelling, privileged elites would express shock and dismay that their political allies might be subject to international investigations. But to Trump voters who have seen so many elites slip justice — Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew McCabe, and now Biden, to name a few examples — the president is doing exactly what he promised to do by asking about the Biden-Burisma protection scheme.
When leftists seek to justify their relentless lawfare assault upon the duly elected president, they tell us over and over again that “nobody is above the law.” It reminds one of “Animal Farm,” in which the ruling elites amended a similar phrase, “All animals are created equal,” to add the phrase, “But some animals are more equal than others.”
And there it is. Schiff’s entire impeachment effort is a defense of the impunity of elite establishment types, such as Biden. Merely asking a foreign country about the Bidens’ side hustle is the crime for which Schiff is attempting to take down Trump.

Of course, once the House votes on impeachment it will then go to the Senate for trial, and Mitch McConnell will run that process. Democrats should be careful what they wish for here.

UPDATE: Pelosi was walking away - but then returned to say this:

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