Benjamin Netanyahu Blasts His Successor In Final Address As Prime Minister


Photo: Getty Images

In his final address to the Israeli parliament as prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahudefended his 12-year record and blasted his successor.

He touted some of his accomplishments, including negotiating four diplomatic agreements with Arab countries, his efforts to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, and pointed out former U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Netanyahu called out the Biden administration, saying that U.S. officials asked him "not to discuss our disagreement on Iran publicly." The Biden administration is attempting to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal after President Trump removed the U.S. from the agreement.

"But with all due respect, I can't do that," Netanyahu said. "The prime minister of Israel needs to be able to say no to the president of the United States on issues that threaten our existence."

He vowed to keep fighting the newly formed coalition government, which he said was dangerous for Israel.

"I say today: Do not let your spirits fall," Netanyahu said. "I will lead you in a daily battle against this bad and dangerous left-wing government and bring it down. And with the help of God, this will happen faster than you think."

"If we have to be in opposition, we will do this standing tall — until we bring down this dangerous government and return to lead the state," Netanyahu added.

After Netanyahu's speech, Naftali Bennett was sworn in as Israel's new prime minister following a razor-thin 60-59 vote.

Netanyahu will still retain power as a politician as the leader of the Likud party, which is the largest group in the Israeli parliament.

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