Eerie Note Woman Found In Thrift Store Nightstand Will Give You Goosebumps

Photo: Dave Basner

It seems there is always a story about someone buying a piece of furniture at a thrift store and finding a stash of cash hidden it it, but Valencia Walker from San Diego found a different kind of treasure in the nightstand she purchased at her local Goodwill store, something that if anyone else had discovered they would've just trashed. That's because what turned up in Valencia's new bedside table only had meaning to her.

She shared her story on TikTok explaining how she purchased the pair of nightstands for just $12.99 each so she could refurbish them. As she went through the drawers, she saw a crumpled piece of paper that shook her - in fact, in the video she says how her "heart is still a little fluttery, a little trembly." The paper said "Carly's home number" and "Carly's mom's cell phone number," and the numbers listed on it were Valencia's mom's cell phone and her family's home number from 15 years ago. Valencia also has a younger sister named Carly.

The video is captioned, "The universe is crazy," and after sharing her discovery, Valencia asks, "What are the chances of that? Like for real? I go thrifting and I wind up owning nightstands previously owned by one of my little sister's friends?"

Many commenters were blown away by the coincidence but plenty of others weren't as impressed, writing things like, "If you are all still local it is not that crazy," and, "Tell me you live in a small town without telling me you live in a small town."

In a follow-up video, Valencia addressed those people saying that where she lives in San Diego County, there are 3.3 million people, adding, "So I'd say that's pretty slim chances."

She also revealed that using some other papers she found in the furniture she was able to put together who the previous owner was, then found that woman on Facebook and messaged her. It was somewhat anti-climactic from there, with the woman not being as blown away by it as Valencia.

As for the nightstand, Valencia later posted a video showing how she transformed them:

You can follow Valencia here.

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