Watch North Carolina Man Score $500,000 In Spin-To-Win Lottery Game

Photo: Getty Images

A man in North Carolina will finally take the honeymoon trip of his dreams with his wife thanks to a massive prize he scored in a spin-to-win lottery game.

Darrell Riley, of Cerro Gordo, recently purchased a $10 Bigger $pin scratch-off from the Circle K on Long Branch Road in Dunn, winning a chance to spin the giant prize wheel on Wednesday (September 7) to win a big prize, according to a release from the NC Education Lottery.

"I didn't know what I won, I just called my wife and said, 'Sweetie, I may have won some money,'" he recalled.

Riley was the fifth person to spin for the chance to win one of the Bigger $pin's $2 million grand prizes, which one lucky player won earlier this year. While he didn't land the top prize, he did win an incredible $500,000.

"I never imagined winning a half-million dollars," he said.

After all required state and federal tax withholdings, Riley was able to take home $355,316. When asked what he plans to do with his prize, he told lottery officials he plans to go to Hawaii later this year to celebrate with his wife. He also hopes to donate some of the prize to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and also pay some bills.

"We never took a honeymoon trip so that's what our Hawaii trip will be," he said.

Watch Riley spin the wheel in the video below to see him win the half-million dollar prize.

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