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Bill Zimpfer is live at the Foreign Desk with the latest on the Peace Mission to the Middle East.


The busy spring selling season is coming to a close and some Americans may see their dream of homeownership fade from view. The housing supply is low now and interest rates are rising. The new tariffs placed on Canadian lumber are even affecting the market, sending the price of construction higher. Among those being hit the hardest are people who are trying to buy their first homes. Buyers face a competitive market in which they need to move quickly, make high bids and compromises if they want to land the deal. For every month that buyers don’t strike a deal, a combination of rising home prices and higher mortgage rates can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the cost of a home.

What’s the best course of action for buyers to get their dream home? Is the market likely to change soon?

Dementia and Alzheimer's Expert-Founder of Acappella in Home Care JO ALCH, RN- NEW RESEARCH SHOWS WAYS TO PREVENT ALZHEIMER'S

According to ongoing research there are multiple ways to lower your risk of Alzheimers.  For example, Harvard Health Publishing researchers suggest older people adopt a hybrid diet of the Mediterranean and DASH diets. These meal plans include heavy intake of leafy vegetables, buts, olive oil, berries. Whole grains., fatty fish, beans, poultry and red wine (no more than one glass a day). Meanwhile, the American Chemical Society has found that beets, which contain a compound called betanin, may improve oxygen flow and cognitive function. Other research has noted that certain foods could increase your chance of Alzheimer's. These foods include butter, margarine, red meat, fried foods and sugary sweets. Too much alcohol can also increase your risk as it affects your sleep and memory. Various studies have also suggested that regular exercise, such as 30 minutes of moderately vigorous aerobics three to four days a week can lower your risk as well.

How do these diets diminish your risk of Alzheimer’s? 

What other habits can decrease the risk?

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