First News on 570 for Thursday, November 1st, 2018

I think the holiday season officially starts TODAY!

Its hard to believe that November is already here!

Here's what's coming up on Thursday's show!

6:13- Bill Zimpfer- With just days to go until the midterm elections, both parties continue to jockey for position.  What impact will the immigrant caravan have on the election? Will the GOP retain control of both houses of congress, and what do the latest polls show?  

6:43- William Mapp- Top Tech Stories of the Week


Sometimes, I can’t believe I’m reporting on a story.  Last week, I truly, truly didn’t want to report on President Donald Trump’s unsecured iPhone.  This week, I don’t want to, but have to report on…Woozy Face. Technically known as, Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth, Woozy Face is the 5th newest emoji to be released in Apple’s iOS 12.1 update.  This is the emoji of the drunk uncle.  He’ll pick you up at 2am in the morning, but you’ll have to drive yourself back home, because he’s drunk.


The UK government is considering new tax plans that seek to collect 2% of revenues from sales made by large Internet companies.  Similar to the EU’s 3% tax on Internet companies with global revenues greater than 750 euros, the UK plan is squarely aimed at collecting some form of revenue back from US internet companies. Economists are against these plans because they basically function as a tariff, but admittedly it’s understandable how European countries feel stung because US companies dominate the space.  I’d to say it, but we did invent the Internet.  We are just good at it.


This past Tuesday Apple announced a new iPad Pro with specs approaching a console gaming rig and a new MacBook Air. The new iPad Pro is 5.9mm thick, which is 15% thinner than the previous version and comes in an 11inch and 12.9 inch versions. It also has a display with resolutions approaching an Xbox. The MacBook Air weighs in at just 2.75 points but is 200$ more expensive. In about time moment, Apple also has release a new Mac Mini with a quad core processor just in time for Christmas. All of this gear is ridiculous priced, the MacBook Pro I spec’d topped out at $3,200.  I just can’t.

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:43- Michael Bower- The suspect in Whitey Bulger’s Brutal Killing Is Mafia Hitman who hates “rats”. Who was Whitey Bulger? Why was he so sought after by authorities? Why do police believe that the person who killed him in jail was someone who hated “rats”?

8:13- Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar- President Trump and his health secretary, Alex Azar, have made it a priority to bring down the price of prescription drugs and strengthen and protect Medicare for seniors. Last week, the President and Secretary Azar announced a bold plan to cut drug prices for some of the most expensive drugs seniors use, saving them and the Medicare program billions. 

8:43- Dr Erin Allgood "Ask a Vet Thursday"

8:52- Dr Erin Allgood con’t

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