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6:13- Hundreds tried to crash through the U.S.-Mexico Border over the weekend and were met with tear gas and pepper spray... we'll get a look at the latest!

6:43- EU Backs Brexit Deal, Russia Seizes Ukrainian Warships, French President Macron To Call For "Grassroots Debates" On Fuel Tax Hike

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:43- Michael Bower- A busy week ahead for President Trump. Immigration and the refugees on the border are on the front burner, along with Saudi Arabia and a possible government shutdown.


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If you were one of the millions who went online today or are planning some Cyber Monday purchases you're not alone. Billions of dollars in sales are expected, but while consumers are shopping, scammers are not only plotting, but stealing at least some people's money. Consumers can take extra caution by signing up for transaction monitoring alerts from their banks and credit unions to immediately notify them when their credit or debit cards have been used. In some cases, consumers' banking information had been stolen and sold on the black market, where other scammers can purchase it according to zip-code in order to evade bank and credit card tracking systems that look for "out-of-pattern" charges.

What new ways are hackers cracking open treasure troves of credit card accounts, social security numbers and other info? 

What can you do to protect yourself as much as possible? 

Are you ever fully protected?

CEO of Secure Anchor Consulting, previously served in the Commission on Cyber Security under President Obama and in the CIA, DR. ERIC COLE - PhD

8:43- >>Human Brain Possibly Active For Hours After Death, Study Finds

For the human brain, death may not be as immediate as it seems.  Researchers from the Stony Brook University of Medicine found that it may take hours for the brain to shut down after death as the blood slowly stops pumping to it.  By looking at patients with cardiac arrest, they found that the individuals could remember many details about their surroundings once they had been revived.  Some say this could mean that people stay conscious inside their body for a while after death.  The team hopes their findings may help prevent brain damage during the resuscitation of patients. 

Hell's Angels Banned From Bell Ringing (Valparaiso, IN)

A group of Hell's Angels will no longer be allowed to ring bells for the Salvation Army outside a Walmart in Valparaiso, Indiana.  They were banned after complaints about patches some of the ringers were wearing that read "Aryan."  A spokesman for the Salvation Army said on Sunday that any symbol that can be viewed as discriminatory is against the organization's dress code.  A spokesman for the motorcycle club had said earlier that people from all backgrounds are members, and some wear patches that read Aryan, Latino or Bushido.  The spokesman also said that maybe people upset by patches should spend less time complaining and more time trying to make a positive difference in society.

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