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6:13- Bill Zimpfer- Vice President Pence travels to South America, after a weekend of deadly violence in Venezuela. Who will the VP meet with, and what's the latest on the ground in Venezuela?

6:43- Hate crime hoaxes, like Jussie Smollett's alleged attack, are more common than you think

7:13- Ken Boone- WX

7:43- Jay Ratliff- Amazon Cargo Plane Crash, Pilots Sleeping on the job

Amazon Flight Crash-

An Atlas Air 767 cargo aircraft crashed this weekend on approach into Houston and investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have been scrambled to lead the investigation, which could take 9-12 months to complete.

Initial emphasis (after looking for survivors) will be placed on locating the plane's two black boxes, which will help investigators to determine the sequence of events which caused the plane to fall from the sky. Everything from weather to pilot error to a possible mechanical problem, or a combination of several, will be considered as the NTSB allows the evidence collected to direct their investigation. Close scrutiny will also be placed on the cargo, to see if anything ignited during flight or shifted at a critical time, causing the crash. One of the most horrific cargo crashes was caught on film in 2013 when a Boeing 747 had the cargo shift during takeoff, causing the pilots to immediately lose control of their aircraft and seven lives were lost as a result.

The Boeing 767 is a popular commercial aircraft which is used around the world by dozens of airlines, so a close eye will be kept on the investigation in the event a mechanical issue or problem is uncovered - which might affect other aircraft.

Asleep at the Controls

Nothing quite like falling asleep at work and then having your co-worker video it and blast it across social media.

China Airlines has disciplined one of their senior captains for falling asleep at the controls of his Boeing 747 aircraft, during flight. The airline has also disciplined the first officer for being a jerk...I mean for leaking the video of the pilot time-out.

Pilots sleep or nod off frequently and when both do so, it is sure to make headlines like in October of 2009 when both pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight were accused of falling asleep and missing their arrival airport by more than 150 miles!

Expect Longer Wait Times

Last week the TSA added nine more airlines to the TSA PreCheck family, bringing the total to 65 airlines.

Last year the average wait time for passengers in the PreCheck lane was less than five minutes, but if they keep adding airlines - that will change.

Still, at just $85 for five years, it is highly recommended for even the causal flyer.

Sexual Assault on the Rise on Alaska Airlines

The FBI has reported such a spike in sexual assaults among flyers that Alaska Airlines has changed their pre-flight briefing to include the following:

“Your privacy is important to us. Please report any inappropriate passenger behavior to a flight attendant”.

Passengers are urged to never mix alcohol with sleeping pills (duh) and to never (ever) raise the armrest during a flight regardless of how trustworthy your fellow flyer seems to be.


Medical error is responsible for more than 250,000 deaths each year, according to Johns Hopkins research. Making it the third-leading cause of death in the United States, reports CNBC. Dosage mistakes, undetected surgical errors, mix ups with medications . . . Yourself. How can you become your own patient advocate? What questions must you be asking of your nurses or caretakers? Should you be at the hospital every day if a loved one is there?

If you can’t trust your doctor, who can you trust?

Bestselling Author, GLORIA J. YORKE, exposes the doctor error epidemic in her book, Medical Manslaughter, which provides specific examples of what can go wrong, how you can avoid mistakes and save a life

8:23- SoCon Family Four Pack tickets Giveaway


The image of the ideal man has changed throughout history. In the Middle Ages, being “chubby” was a sign of wealth, which made “heavy” people popular back then. Nowadays, the ideal man looks more like a painting. A lean, muscular frame with pronounced abs is what you need. But is it really true that women find super-trained men with a sixpack so attractive? Now there is research that says otherwise - women prefer a man with a beer gut, according to the site Viralthread.

Relationship Specialsit // CEO & Founder of JENNIFER STYERS

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