First News on 570 for Thursday, February 28th, 2019

6:13- Bill Zimpfer- What will be accomplished on Day two of the Trump/Kim Summit? The negotiations wrap up Tuesday with a formal statement by the leaders, and a press conference by President Trump.

6:43- William Mapp- Top Tech Stories of the Week


We love AI on First News 570. The big news last week was OpenAI’s stunning announcement that they’ve released a text generator so good that it’s dangerous to release it to the world. Natural language processing and natural language generation are two holy grail projects for Artificial Intelligence. The latest text generators come very close, but are still easily detectable by humans. OpenAI’s GPT2 must contain not only syntax and grammar improvements but must include tone, voice, and dare I say it influence enhancements that made the makers afraid. GPT2 wouldn’t be the first AI project to be shelved by a company. Facebook famously shelved an AI project in which the two AIs tried to communicate with each other using English and decided to invent their own language instead.


It’s Mobile World Congress this week which means that it’s time for some zany new products from smartphone manufacturers. Welp. This week, Samsung has announced the Galaxy Fold, a $1,980 with a ‘th’ phone that folds in half. It has two screens and you can pretend to be Bernard Lowe controlling hosts at Westworld. The reviews are a little snarky for this device, some unjustified given that it’s a first attempt. Journalists at MWC have called the phone a brick, a crazy prototype, and my favorite: ’the Gordon Gekko of phones’. I’ll admit, having a collapsible, two-screen device would be very appealing. I’ll have to wait and see.


We all have said this at least 30 times, “hey, my battery might die…” We all have them and love them. Smartphones. Smartphones are only as useful and cool as the charge you carry on them. And, I’ve run out of power on many occasion. Sure. You can buy a battery pack and carry it with ou on trips and plug it in when you need power, but you have to charge those too. Energizer thinks they have a solution for you. Energizer has announced the PowerMax P18K. A power brick that runs Android with an 18,000mAh. The brick costs $738 and can last a week on a single, full charge. We don’t know if this battery with a phone in it is real, especially when we are buying sleaker phones. I just can’t wait to hear someone utter the line, “is that your phone, or are you happy to see me?”

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:43- Michael Bower- Former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen testified - in public - to congress Wednesday. What did we learn about his relationship with President Trump? What did he admit to? How did he implicate President Trump? Did he implicate anyone else? Did they discuss Russia involvement in the 2016 election despite open investigations? What has the reaction to his testimony been?

8:13- Making a Murderer trial latest- FOX News Radio’s JEFF MONOSSO

8:23- Ingles Markets SoCon Tournament Tickets Giveaway

8:43- Dr Erin Allgood- Pet Vet on Patton

8:52- Dr Erin Allgood Continued

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