First News on 570 for Monday, March 4th, 2019

6:13- Bill Zimpfer- Tensions remain high as Pakistan and India teeter on the edge of a major conflict. More lives were lost in skirmishes over the weekend. WWNC's Bill Zimpfer will have the details of this latest clash between countries that are no strangers to conflict.

6:43- Alabama Tornado Update

7:13- Ray Stagich WX

7:43- Washington Roundup- (No Michael Bower, recapping the Sunday shows and looking to the week ahead.)


GOP concerns are bubbling up over the administration's plans to divert billions in military construction money as part of President Trump's national emergency declaration. As part of an effort to pull together roughly $8 billion for the U.S.-Mexico border wall, the administration will redirect $3.6 billion originally appropriated for military construction projects across the country. President Trump’s decision has sparked bipartisan backlash on Capitol Hill, where Republicans are openly concerned that the president is blurring the separation of powers and attempting to override Congress’s government funding decisions.

Political Analysis and author of Founders Revolution MICHAEL LAW

8:23- Aviation Expert Jay Ratliff

Pilot caught flying with forged documents!

William Chandler was a pilot with South African Airways and a man who flew for more than 20 years on a forged license. Chandler repeatedly turned down promotions for Captain (remaining a First Officer), which would have required a recertification and thereby exposing the fact he was not capable of flying the aircraft under his control. The airline, which has been losing money since 2011, has promised to tighten their pilot qualification process and also stated they will go after Chandler for the monies he collected while flying with a forged liscense.

American Boots a Mom & Baby

Jordan Flake and her baby were flying (trying anyway) from El Paso To Dallas in order to see her husband before his military deployment. A flight attendant noticed the skin condition of both the mom and baby and asked if she had a doctor's note, giving her permission to fly.


The mom and baby have a rare skin condition known as Ichthyosis and the airline removed the two from their flight, citing a concern for the safety of others. American Airlines has since apologized (profusely) for the incident, which happened on February 28th...also known as (get this) "Happy Rare Disease Day." You just can't make stuff like this up.

Jets Collide at Newark

One might think with a surrounding small army of ground workers, slowly watching as a plane pulls away from a gate that the likelihood of it hitting another plane would be remote.

Think again.

As if Southwest needed yet another headache, two planes clipped wings last week in Newark as one plane was being pushed back from the gate...hitting a jet that was parked nearby. No injuries reported, but a big time inconvenience for passengers on both planes.

8:43- Bullmania Rodeo at the WNC AG Center- March 16th and 17th 2019

8:52- 2020 Election Update- Who's in and Who's yet to announce?

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